by Orkestar Šlivovica

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Based on the east side of Vancouver, BC, Orkestar Slivoviča has been playing its own brand of Balkan-inspired brass music since 2009, drawing on music from Serbia, Macedonia, and nearby regions.

Sljivoviča, our namesake beverage, is a strong and aromatic Serbian plum brandy to which many of us have taken a liking.


released April 6, 2012

Orkestar Slivoviča is:
Geoff Colpitts - (trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals)
Susan Gerofsky – (tenor horn, accordion, vocals)
Deirdra Kiai – (sousaphone, vocals)
Maren Lisac - (trumpet, vocals)
Michael Louw – (percussion, vocals, guitar)
Mythical Man – (tenor horn, vocals)
Matt Rodgers – (trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals)
Kevin Rowe - (accordion)
Oliver Schneider – (alto sax, vocals)
Alyssa Semczyszyn – (accordion, vocals)
Cory Sweet – (tenor horn, vocals)
Chelsea Walton – (tenor horn, vocals)
Kristina Zalite – (tapan/goč, vocals)

Producer: Alexis Douglas

Hipposonic Studio Recordings:
(Tracks 1,3,9 and 10)
Engineer: Brock McFarlane
Assistant: Rachel Ashmore

Pumpkin House Recordings:
(Tracks 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11 and 12)
Engineer: Allan Levy

Mixed by:
Alexis Douglas (Tracks 2,3,6,7,8 and 10)
Allan Levy (Tracks 4, 5, 11 and 12)
Dean Maher (Track 1)

Mastered by Brock McFarlane



all rights reserved


Orkestar Šlivovica Vancouver, British Columbia

Wandering the streets of Vancouver with battered and ancient instruments, appearing and disappearing into the night, and dressed in the highest fashions of your great-grandparent’s youth, with a bottle in hand of that delicate concoction which is half of the band’s name, everything they cross paths with becomes a Balkan wedding dance party... ... more

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Track Name: Usti usti baba
Usti usti, baba,
O davulja maren,
O davulja maren, baba,
Me phenjake aven.
Aven, aven, me phenjake aven.

Me phenjake aven
O davulja maren,
O davulja maren, baba,
Me phenjake aven.
Aven, aven, me phenjake aven.

Wake up, wake up, father,
I hear the drum is beating
I hear the drum is beating
And they’re coming for my sister.
Coming, coming, coming for my sister.
Track Name: Ederlezi
Sa o Roma daje, oro kelena
Oro kelena, dive kerena

Sa o Roma babo, babo
Sa o Roma o daje,
Sa o Roma babo, babo, ej…
Ederlezi, Ederlezi, sa o Roma daje.

All the Roma, mother, dance the oro
Dance the oro, they make the day

All the Roma, father, father,
All the Roma, o mother,
All the Roma, father, father, Ah…
Ederlezi, Ederlezi, all the Roma, mother.
Track Name: Marijo, deli bela kumrijo
Marijo, deli bela kumrijo, mori, Što ti je,
Maro, krotko, mori odenje, Što ti je,
Maro, tio, mori, zborenje?

Da li ti, Maro, težit, stomnite, mori,
Ili ti, Maro, težit, mori, đerdani?

Nito mi, Ago, težit stomnite, more,
Nito mi, Ago, težit more đerdani.

Toko mi, Ago, teži merakot, more,
Moj merak, Ago mi je, more, daleko

Maria, my white dove,
Maria, why do you walk slowly,
Maria, why do you talk quietly?

Is it, Maria, the heavy water jugs (you carry),
Or is it, Maria, the heavy necklace (you wear)?

Aga, it is not the water jugs,
Aga, it is not the necklace.

Aga, all I want is my heart's desire,
My heart's desire, my Aga, is far away.
Track Name: Jovano Jovanke
Jovano, Jovanke,
Kraj vardaro sedish mori,
Bello platno belish,
Bello platno belish dusho,
Se nagore gledash.

Jovano, jovanke,
Jas te tebe cekam mori,
Doma da mi dojdes,
A ti ne doadas duso,
Srce moje jovano.

Jovano, jovanke,
Tvojata majka mori,
Tebe ne te pusta,
So mene da dojdes duso,
Srce moje jovano.

Jovano, Jovanke,
You sit by the Vardar,
Bleaching your white linen,
Bleaching your white linen, my dear,
Looking at the hills.

Jovano, Jovanke,
I'm waiting for you,
To come to my home,
And you don't come, my dear,
My heart, Jovano.

Jovano, Jovanke,
Your mother
Won't let you go,
Come to me, my dear,
My heart, Jovano.